Ten to Shop Again: Bennett the Dinosaur

Ten to Shop Again: Bennett the Dinosaur

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Every purchase of Bennett the Dinosaur from May 7-14 will come with a $10 Gift Card to your choice of small businesses I have major crushes on: Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Busy Bee Hive, Mua Mua, and Good Spark.

There's one thing that Bennett the Dinosaur is passionate about: Not letting small businesses go extinct.  (Apparently he knows a thing or two about extinction.  Spoiler alert: he does not recommend it.)  So, we're helping them out the best we know how:  1) spreading the word and 2) giving them MONEY! That's right.  I'm purchasing $10 gift cards from your choice of the businesses featured as a gift to you for supporting me, you guessed it--a small business! 

I'm giving you $10, to shop again! 

What's included: 

  • Bennett the Dinosaur 11.5" x 9"
  • $10 Gift Card to your choice of the featured small businesses
  • Support Small Business Sticker 4" x 3.5"
  • Comes in super cute mailer!

Why $10?  Because $10 is nothing to sneeze at.  (Honestly, haven't we learned our lesson from 2020? You shouldn't really sneeze on anything.  And if you do, wash your hands!). That's double digits towards supporting these businesses and more goodies for you!  Not sure which one to support?  In no particular order:

Leanna Lin's Wonderland | leannalinswonderland.com

What I love about Leanna: Leanna is synonymous with supporting small businesses, independent designers, and artists.  She regularly hosts art exhibits featuring artists both big and small in her adorable brick and mortar store in Eagle Rock, CA and often gives back to the community. (Her annual Wonderpet's show is on exhibit now and benefits Home Dog LA.). When I drop toys off to restock her store, I sometimes have to purposely leave my wallet in the card so I don't go crazy buying gifts for my..... oh who am I kidding?  It's almost always for myself. 

What to buy with $10: See blurb from above.  Where do I even start?  Blind boxes, stationery, books, candles, stickers, or pins

Buzy Bee Hive | buzybeehive.etsy.com

What I love about Beth: Beth's hand carved block prints and cards are totally unique--she has a distinctive style that's both thoughtful and quirky and to top it all off, she finishes each print with hand drawn embellishments that are worthy of your wall space.  She is my go-to for my holiday, birthday... just any card. 

What to buy with $10: Custom (you heard me) Bun in the Oven card or the Monsterously Delightful Cake Greeting Card (these are all hand carved block prints--talk about labors of love!)

Mua Mua | muamua.us

What I love about Alina and her cousins: Alina has been a long time friend and supporter of myself and so many other creatives (that I plan to feature here one day!), it's so exciting that we now get to experience her creative side.  Not only is she a bad ass poet, but she also has a great eye for design!  (She art directed the "Support Small Business" Sticker!)

What to buy with $10: True story: Last winter, I bought a bunch of stickers from Mua Mua with plans to mail gifts to my friends (in Buzy Bee Hive Cards of course), but I loved them so much that I ended up keeping them all for myself.  I now have my eye on their "Stop Asian Hate" tee and keychain.

Good Spark | goodspark.co

What I love about Lisa: Lisa is passionate about supporting local/independent designers and inspiring environmental and social change.  She gifted me reusable bamboo straws years before they were even a thing, taught me about "greenwashing", and all goods in her shop are handmade by local artisans!  Lisa also has impeccable taste that makes me feel like a grown up with a 401K kind of job when I shop her store.  All those classy boutique vibes without the pretense of stores in Beverly Hills that make me realize how dingy my shoes look. 

What to buy with $10: I would definitely put it toward the Lucky Lobe earrings, or the Nova Ear Climber earrings (it'd be my 3rd set!).  The other day, I thought I lost one and just as I was imagining my now colorless life without the matching side, Sergio found it on the floor and everything was a-okay again. 

As you can see, you really can't go wrong with any choice here!  (What I'm also realizing is that I tend to shop for others but keep for myself, but we'll address that another day.)