My Story

My sister and I with our toys

Here's a picture of my older sister and myself with our plush homies.  To be honest, I don't think that bear was even ours, but Westcliff (cutie with the green homemade collar) and Patch (with the oversized head and lovingly worn out eyes) were our besties.

Our tale begins the day I, Jane, received my first toy. I was 4-years-old and longing for a plush toy that would be my best friend--a bond my sister already formed with her plush Patch from 101 Dalmatians. I came home one night after a day out with my parents when a bag was hanging on our door knob with a note with my name addressed on the handle.

Inside was a plush dog and I knew instantly that she would go on every real or imaginary adventure I could dream up. At the time, I thought all toys came with a name, and I looked everywhere for some sign of my dog's name, but all I found was a woven label with the company "Westcliff" woven on it. I knew then, that I found her name. She joined me on bike rides, early morning drives to school and waiting for me patiently in the car when I finished. And to this day, she greets me on my bed when I come home from work.

I began Janie XY when our niece was born and I wanted her to share the same bond I did with Westcliff when I was growing up. After weeks of shopping around for the perfect toy, nothing spoke out to me, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one myself.

Our operation is simple consisting of just Sergio and myself with the help of some family when times get busy. We design, make patterns, cut, sew, stuff, close, and tag each toy ourselves in sunny Los Angeles, California. We love creating toys that make you smile, laugh, and most of all, bond with.