My Story

My sister and I with our toys

Here's a picture of my older sister and myself with our plush homies.  To be honest, I don't think that bear was even ours, but Westcliff (cutie with the green homemade collar) and Patch (with the oversized head and lovingly worn out eyes) were our besties.

I've sat on writing this for weeks (ok fine! years...) now. 

It should be easy to write about yourself, but wow, it is not easy for me.  Maybe it's because I know that how I got from point A (a first generation Thai/Filipina girl with no cable TV and lots of boredom and imagination) to point B (creating my own line of toys as well as designing plush full time at Disney during the day among other creative ventures) has more curves and dead ends than a choose your own adventure novel.

I could talk about how my parents (dad was a fashion designer and pattern maker and mom was a serial hobby collector and owned a Thai restaurant for most of my youth and adolescence) were a total inspiration, or how my sister (now a doctor) taught me so much about imagination and was the original queen of turning our dad's fabric and paper scraps into treasure and taking our favorite plush dogs, Patch and Westcliff on tons of imaginary adventures. 

And of course, there's no way to tell the story without my other half, Sergio--partner in every way since we were 16-years-old.  Without him, I would have never gone down a creative path or had any kick ass booths back when we did more craft shows.  

But, I guess I'll save the story for the book I will probably never write.  All you need to know now is that I make everything you see on this site--ideas all the way down to producing them (unless otherwise stated).  I used to only share the toys I make with the public, but now that I'm a little older, and starting to care a little less (in the good way, like, trying not to be so insecure--I always care about quality), I'll slowly start adding more of my creations.