Donut Worry - Donut Decorating Workshop

Donut Worry - Donut Decorating Workshop

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Whew, it's been a crazy 2023 and we're only halfway through!  Come join us for a guided meditation to get all those gross negative thoughts out of your head and enter a safe space to chat and offer support to one another as we craft some delicious looking donuts and learn the basics of beading and embroidery!  And did I mention we'll be snacking on real donuts too?!

This class is for you if you're: burnt out and just want a fun project to work on, new (or seasoned) sewist, and love donuts. 


Where: The Hive South Pasadena 1515 Hope St. #204 South Pasadena, CA 91030

When: Friday, July 21 6-8 pm

What you'll learn: Hand sewing, embroidery techniques, stuffing plush, and approachable mindfulness practices you can incorporate into your daily lives. 

Required skills: None! We welcome all skill levels! 

Cost: $70 + $15 material fee

About the instructors:

Jane Jauregui has been making plush since 2009 when she decided she wanted to make a special plush for her niece to grow up with.  That niece did not end up liking plush but it reginited Jane's passion for plush.  She then created Janie XY, her personal brand and has worked with Disney, Mattel, American Apparel, and KCRW.

Dr. Regina Ragasa, DO DipABLM is a family medicine doctor with a passion for lifestyle medicine.  Frustrated with worsening of her patients' chronic conditions, she was inspired by a colleague to learn more about the benefits of evidence based lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse chronic diseases and became certified in 2020. She currently practices family medicine at Kaiser Permanente, teaches plant based classes to the community and is the Regional co-chair for the Lifestyle Medicine for Southern California, working with her colleagues to expand Lifestyle Medicine practices to all Kaiser Permanente physicians. 

(and yes, we're sisters!)